Research in the Laboratory of Cell Physiology & Pathology
Current research interests are:
(i) microglia, phagocytosis and neurodegeneration,
(ii) mechanisms of cell death, in particular cell death by phagocytosis, and
(iii) the future of death.

Microglia, Phagocytosis & Neurodegeneration
Microglia are brain macrophages.  We are trying to understand how microglia damage or protect neurons during neuroinflammation and brain pathologies, such as neurodegeneration.   Want to know more?

Mechanisms of Cell Death
We are trying to understand the mechanisms by which cells die, particularly: in the brain, in leukaemia and the roles of phagocytosis.      Want to know more?

The Future of Death
Death is changing its nature, and it is important to both understand and shape these changes, otherwise the future of death will be bleak.   Want to know more?