Research in the Laboratory of Cell Physiology & Pathology
Current research interests are:
(i) inflammatory neurodegeneration in the brain,
(ii) ischaemic & inflammatory damage to the cardiovascular system,
(iii) mitochondria, nitric oxide & cell death,
(iv) cell death in leukaemia, and
(v) the future of death.

Inflammatory Neurodegeneration
Inflammatory neurodegeneration means neurodegeneration caused by inflammation. Inflammation occurs in most brain pathology, (including neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, trauma and meningites), and may both protect and damage the brain. Inflammation in the brain is largely controlled by brain macrophages called microglia.  We are trying to understand how microglia become inflamed, and how they then kill neurons.  Want to know more?

Mitochondria, Nitric oxide & Cell Death
Mitochondria generate most of the energy in our cells, but they also control cell death.  Nitric oxide blocks mitochondrial respiration, and can block cell death at low levels but it can induce death at high levels.  We are trying to understand how these things happen, and how we can control them.      Want to know more?

Cell Death in Leukaemia
We are trying to devise new ways of inducing cell death in leukaemia cells.

Heart ischaemia
A heart attack damages the heart by killing heart cells. The heart cells die as a result of mitochondrial damage causing apoptosis and necrosis.  We are trying to stop this damage and how to prevent it.   Want to know more?

The Future of Death
Death is changing its nature, and it is important to both understand and shape these changes, otherwise the future of death will be bleak.   Want to know more?